Make-up Character – The Monkey


To create this character you will need:
- Latex Rubber Monkey Face Small (3D-LR-MF1) or PU Foam Monkey Face Small (3D-P-MF1)
- PU Foam Big Ears (3D-P-E1) or Latex Rubber Big Ear (3D-LR-E1)
- Eyebrow Covers #1 (Pair) (3D-P-EC1)(3D-V-EC1) or Eyebrow Cover #2 (Pair) (3D-P-EC2)(3D-V-EC2)

(Please click here to see the tutorial “How to create a monkey face”)
(Please click here to open our video “How to create a monkey face” on Youtube)

The Monkey…
I dreamed that there were twenty monkeys bouncing on my bed •
They were jumping up and down and nearly landing on my head •
Then they started having pillow fights and throwing stuff instead •
I loved my dream that day!

Monkey Dream by Kenn Nesbitt