How to create a monkey face


1.) Our model before make-up.
2.) TIGA-D latex rubber pieces we will use. (Monkey Face Small (3D-LR-MF1) or Monkey Face Large (3D-LR-MF2)
and Big Ears (3D-LR-E1))
3.) Do some pre-painting on the pieces before you start.


4.) Make sure your model’s hair is prepped and covered.
5.) Flatten the eyebrows down with spirit glue.
6.) Apply TIGA-D eyebrow covers. (Eyebrow Covers #1 (Pair) (3D-P-EC1)(3D-V-EC1) or
Eyebrow Cover #2 (Pair) (3D-P-EC2)(3D-V-EC2))


7.) To mark the correct position for the latex rubber pieces, place them on the face and powder the edges.
8.) Apply prosthetic adhesive to the inside edges of the latex rubber pieces.
9.) Also apply the adhesive to the marked positions on the face.


10.) Wait until the glue dries a little and then apply the monkey nose to the face.
Be careful as the glue sticks quickly!
11.) Continue with applying the monkey chin.
12.) Follow the same steps again with the monkey ears.


13.) Blend the edges of the prosthetics with small amounts of eyelash glue to make the transition invisible.
14.) Carefully dry the glue using hairdryer on low temperature until it is clear.
15.) Apply a loose powder over the glue to take away the stickiness.
Then repeat steps 13, 14, & 15 until you are happy with your transitions.


16.) Cover the pieces and edges with sealer liquid to make it easier to apply make-up.
17.) Use your make-up base foundations to blend the colors on the face until you get the look you want.
18.) You can use light colors to highlight the bone structure and features of the face.


19.) Adding deeper shading colors will further help you to achieve a characterful face.
20.) Finish off your make-up with some artistic character touches of your own.
21.) Now you can place the wig carefully over your finished make-up. Secure the wig in place.


22.) Lift the lace up and apply some wig glue to the skin. Then stick down the lace.
23.) Position the facial hair pieces and glue them down to the face.
24.) The final monkey waiting for bananas!

(Please click here to open our video “How to create a monkey face” on Youtube)